3 Gym Don’ts Everyone Should Avoid

If you managed to turn going to the gym into a habit — congrats, you’re halfway there on your road to being fit. However, bad gym practices can be even worse than going to the gym itself, so make sure you avoid these. In this article, we are going to share 3 common don’ts you should avoid during your workout.

Don’t start your workout without a warm-up

Even though its sounds like an obvious truth, this is a tip that many newcomers neglect. There is hard science to this fact but in a nutshell, your ligaments and muscles function best when they are elastic, and the way to do that is to have a light exercise before a workout. Cardio exercises will increase your heart rate and improve your blood flow, so your muscles have enough energy throughout the workout, and stretching/extension exercises will contribute to the flexibility of your ligaments.

Don’t exercise for too long

Even though becoming thinner and fitter may be an urgent matter for you, there is no benefit in exercising for more than an hour and a half. Your body has limits, and overstepping them will take a toll on your body. The consequences, at best, will take the form of delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. If you are persistent in overtraining, your joints and ligaments may suffer, sometimes even permanently.

Don’t forget to eat after your workout

During the workout, your body uses essential nutrients that have to be replenished. The trick is, this process is not instantaneous and you have approximately 30 minutes after your workout to refuel your body. Forget to do that, and your body just won’t have the material to build muscle mass, cutting the workout effectiveness. To be on the safe side, stock up on nutrition bars, or take a meal from home.

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