How to Start Going to Gym And Enjoy it

If you decided to join the gym and workout regularly, good job — it’s a great start! But what matters now is how to keep this habit and the best way to do that is to start correctly. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to prepare for the gym and make it a habit.

Nutrition is key

The most important thing to feel well and energized throughout your workout is your nutrition. Overeating, or eating the wrong foods right before your workout may make you feel bloated, and not eating enough won’t give you enough energy for a workout. On the day of your workout, make sure you eat enough carbs and also leave enough time for the food to digest — that’s normally 30 or 90 minutes before your workout. After that time, avoid foods rich in fiber, as they take longer to digest.

Leave it to the professionals

As you begin your fitness journey, it is only natural you are not familiar with all those confusing machines. Don’t rely on luck and make sure to hire a coach as you get acquainted with the equipment or ask the staff if you are unsure how to use a gym machine. Relying on intuition and hoping for the best may lead to injuries and that is an unlikely way to make the gym a routine.

Know when to stop

Successful gym experience depends on discipline and knowing your limits. Don’t expect to lose all the winter weight in a week worth of workouts — overtraining will lead to muscle soreness and joint pain, which will make you stay at home for longer. While a delayed muscle pain (which usually comes on the next day after a workout), a sharp joint or muscle pain means you should stop exercising and check your technique.

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